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Look, I know you’re busy. There are so many other platforms to check, and apps you don’t want to add to your already busy devices 📱 

The Universe continues to expand leaving us with more opportunities to absorb input & experiences, while we are still expected to maintain healthy boundaries in protecting our mental health. Ugh 😩 I know.

But I’m here to help!

Hey there! I'm Audra, an American-Dutch citizen based in Delft, Netherlands for almost two decades — blending yoga, breath work, and meditation in my consultations.

I teach yoga through theory and lifestyle, using a niche in astrology (not an astrologer!), guided by principles through the elements of nature. 

This helps others find their ‘missing element’. You can book a get-to-know-me call here if you’d like to discuss further how this may apply to you. Or visit my website to learn more.

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I just can’t with more content…

Yeah, I totally get it! We are all in deep need of a digital detox. One that creates permanent change making a sustainable positive impact to our ‘brain health’.

I’m here to help explain WHY you need to: (1) come off social media entirely; and/or HOW to (2) make your online time work for self-promotional deliverables while making a social impact; and/or help YOU to (3) reform your digital habits and behaviours.



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Instead of publishing through popular mainstream sources that fill the pockets of unworthy billionaires, I’ve chosen paywalling content as a means to monetise.

This annual cost for you is like buying a book from an actual bookstore where the clerk is also the shop owner. So, thanks for supporting my career and helping to feed/house this single working mom of two growing girls 🙏 

Cool, when do you publish?

Articles are posted maximum 4x per week, with topics ranging from astrology, writer & author growth, mental health support, and of course, presenting general themes of living your yoga as a lifestyle.

Also, because I’m passionate about global affairs & politics - my opinions on how I feel about any, and all governments - will also shine through. My thoughts are my own as I craft a practice in service of socio-political activation in solidarity. I am happy to collaborate with those successfully alchemising social activism for the betterment of humanity.

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You can read my content in full via subscriber-only, or learn more about the work I do individually with others on my website.

You can also find me on the socials, where I am working to either reform, or dismantle platforms I feel violate the human rights of others. 

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Namaste xx

Audra White

Mom, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Astrology Nerd, Earth-Worshipping Animal Lover

Holistic Yoga & Astrology for Busy Humans 

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A ‘learnoir’ is like a memoir, but with learnings applied. These writings I’ve collected during the pandemic, about how social media has (positively, and negatively) impacted us since its conception. Offering us a mindful moment to reform our online habits & behaviours. 

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Ancient Healing Arts. Modern-day Solutions. A place to learn principles behind classical yogic traditions, offering moments to network with a supportive global tribe seeking alternative means to holistic health. Happy to receive you here.


A yoga and meditation teacher using clinical & metaphysical resources to dissect modern day mental aliments. Currently publishing a collaborative 'Learnoir' engaging with others wishing to reform social media by creating healthier digital habits.